The Master of Malt Whisky Advent Calendar (2015 Edition)

Don’t roll your eyes because we’ve mentioned advent calendars. It was inevitable,  Christmas gets mentioned earlier each year. But, even if you hate Christmas (how could you?!) you’ll definitely be more relaxed about the build up because Master of Malt have launched their 2015 Whisky Advent Calendar. REJOICE.the-whisky-advent-calendar

Yes, the perfect “pre-Christmas” gift for the most bar humbugged spirit geek out there. 24 beautiful whisky filled December days. Christmas shopping seems a breeze now, right?

Yes, the greatest advent calendar of mankind is back, and this time “it’s bigger and better than ever” (well, not technically bigger, but it just seemed like the thing to say).

Behind each little cardboard flap lies a different 3cl Drinks By The Dram sample of whisky. Old, new, rare, award winning, single grain, Japenese – you name it, they’ve got it. Some are even worth £350 a bottle. Phwoar (….that’s a bottle, not a dram before you get ahead of yourself!). 

Plus with their red wax seal there is no way of someone racing ahead and cracking any open without you knowing! 

Sure, this bad boy is £149.95 and you could buy about 10 Thorntons advent calendars with that money. But what would you rather? 360 tiny chocolates or 24 drams (the equivalent of a full bottle) of awesome, rare and exciting whisky?! EXACTLY.

Splash out a little. This can be a Christmas present from you to you, to get you through the mayhem that is December. You’re welcome.