The Koko Kanu Miami Vice Comp Has Arrived

At last, Summer is here.

Rising temperatures mean the Great British public will now turn its collective attention to douchebag deep V t-shirts and those weird high-waisted shorts that girls seem to like these days.

Click the image to view full size.
Click the image to view full size.

Bartenders, on the other hand, are not interested in such frippery, because the arrival of Summer means it is the season to make everyone’s favourite drink – The Miami Vice.

To celebrate this marvellous time of year, Koko Kanu will be holding a Miami Vice comp at London’s Love’s Company on May 11th.

To enter, you will need to form a team of two from the same bar, and devise a Koko Kolada (Minimum of 50ml Koko Kanu) and a Miami Vice.

the winning pair will be treated to a Miami Vice day, details of which will be revealed later, but rest assured, it does involve a Ferrari.

To enter, submit the name and a picture of your serves to or Tweet to @Kokokanu_UK by April 30th.

This will be an old school rum comp… No crisp white shirt and arm garters required. Bring your best chat and make the judges laugh.