The Equal Measures Education & Mentorship Project Launches

The project is aimed at addressing the underrepresentation of those from BAME communities and underprivileged backgrounds.

The collaboration is between Equal Measures, founded by industry favourite Deano Moncrieffe, and The Mixing Class, the world’s leading independent supplier of WSET Spirit’s Education. They want to tackle the acute lack of diversity behind the bar, in front of house positions and management roles and the resulting problem of cocktail bars occasionally feeling like exclusively white middle class spaces.

The Equal Measures Education & Mentorship Project has two main aims. Firstly, it will be providing 30 quarterly places to candidates from BAME communities and underprivileged backgrounds on a skills program, including a place on a WSET Spirits Level 2 course. 10 candidates will then be selected from each group for further mentorship sessions and will earn a place on the prestigious WSET Spirits Level 3.

Secondly, they plan to positively challenge existing hiring practices and ensuring that bartenders from underrepresented BAME communities and underprivileged backgrounds are given a helping hand in overcoming existing obstacles to joining the drinks industry.

The application process for the WSET spaces will be launched in January (fear not we will let you know when), but in the meantime they are after some help. They would love to hear from companies, brands, associations and individuals who would like to sponsor/support the initiative or from individuals who would be interested in being a mentor. If that is you please email

This is an absolutely fantastic project, congratulations to Deano, Hannah, Max and everyone else involved in putting it together. We can’t wait to see the impact it has on our industry in the short and long term.

Deano Moncrieffe, founder of Equal Measures states “I am incredibly excited and grateful for the opportunity to help drive positive change in our industry through this long-term partnership with The Mixing Class. We are determined to help those who have had to face unfair barriers due to either the colour of their skin or lack of financial resources to further themselves and unlock their full potential. This is not a one-off, we will do this until we really do start to see an industry that is more reflective of society and true progression means everyone must play a part.” 

With Hannah Lanfear, Founding Director of The Mixing Class adding “A key tenet of The Mixing Class is our belief that education should be used for the power of good. We are delighted to be working with Equal Measures to strive for greater diversity within hospitality, and to ensure a brilliant career in this fantastic industry is within the reach of all who dream of it.”