The Bitter Truth Cocktail Competition Launched

The Bitter Truth are celebrating their 10 year anniversary in many ways, not least by running their first ever UK wide cocktail competition.

Bitters, more often than not, appear in cocktail competition drinks. Even with the obscene influx of new brands it is The Bitter Truth Range of Bitters and Liqueurs that still seems to be the bartender’s bitters of choice.TBT-Range

It is only fitting then, that they are the company that introduce a cocktail competition to celebrate the seasoning of the cocktail world.

The beauty of this competition is the free reign you have to really show us your cocktail making and balancing skills. Often these days there are set criteria, styles of drink or theme’s you have to follow which may see you a little stifled in your creative process. Not so in the case of The Bitter Truth 10 Year Anniversary Competition.

There are of course rules, but only two:

  • The drink must contain at least one product from the Bitter Truth Range (including the new Drops & Dashes range)
  • If using the bitters, they must be detectable in the drink (without overwhelming or unbalancing the cocktail)

That is it. Any base spirit can be used. Any style of drink can be made. Any number of ingredients can be used. You can even use a homemade ingredient (although it does have to be easily replicable – let’s not get carried away).

The prize is pretty special too. You can win yourself a £500 voucher for Cocktail Kingdom, the whole Bitter Truth range including liqueurs and Drops and Dashes (and that is a whole lot), your drink will be featured on the Bitter Truth website and may well be used at Bitter Truth events around the world. Cash, product and exposure – the holy competition trinity.

We will be doing heats in London, Scotland and the North of England (locations to be confirmed dependant on entry numbers to try and reduce travel wherever possible) with a final being held in London to pick the winner.

You will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Taste & Aroma of cocktail
  • Appearance & Name of cocktail
  • Your presentation skills
  • Explanation of bitter’s chosen (why flavour chosen and amount chosen)

There will also be bonus points up for grabs if you use bitters as part of your garnish or in a food matching

So have some fun coming up with a cocktail with almost no limitations and show off your skills all whilst winning yourself a whole truck full of goodies.

BarLifeUK will, of course, be travelling the country along with UK distributor Love Drinks, to judge the competition and write-ups will be appearing on the site.


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