The Big Cricket Punch-Up with El Dorado Rum and The King’s Ginger

Ahh, cricket, lovely cricket…

I'll admit, this isn't a great picture. But you try combining two bottles and a cricket pitch in Photoshop. Go on, try it.

Here are BarLifeUK we can’t get enough of cricket. Besides being (in our opinion) the greatest sport in the world, it is also, more recently, a great subject for conversation with Australians.

The folks at El Dorado Rum and the King’s Ginger love cricket too. El Dorado, hailing as it does from Guyana (birthplace of legendary Windies skipper, Clive Lloyd) has a thoroughbred cricketing pedigree – They recently became official supporters of the fantastic cricket film Fire in Babylon.

The King’s Ginger, being a quintessentially gentlemanly drink, sits rather nicely with the noble game of cricket too, and is a favourite BarLifeUK warmer when rain stops play on inclement Sundays.

Cricket, punch and grub for charity

Combining some of the best things in life (cricket, punch, food and being charitable), the Great Cricket Punch-Up will take place on June 28th at Chiswick Cricket Ground.

England and The West Indies (plus the Rest of the World) will face off in a twenty over match, alongside which El Dorado and The King’s Ginger punches will be served at £2 a pop, with BBQ food also available for the same price.

All proceeds will go to charity, and you are encouraged to come along and cheer on your team with pockets full of pound coins, because eating and drinking will help a very worthy cause.

If you would like to play in either of the teams, please email and you can also let us know you would like to come and watch, eat and drink by visiting the event’s facebook page.

And once again, just for emphasis, bring cash because it is for charity!

The Venue

Fullers Sports Ground, Riverside Drive, Chiswick, London,Middlesex,W4 2SP