The Bacardi Brown Forman (BBFB) Training Team Hit the Road

Leeds, London and Brighton Roadshow dates confirmed for early 2011

Is it me, or does he look at bit like Paul Newman on the salad dressing bottles?

The BBFB Training Team, of Snowjito fame, are bringing their training roadshows to Leeds, London and Brighton in February and March next year.

Venues are to be confirmed, but each of the roadshow’s three days starts at 12pm and ends at 4pm, and consists of the following sessions:

  • Around the World in 10 Drinks – Classic and Iconic drinks from all over the globe
  • The Science of Intoxicology – Understanding Alcohol
  • The Perception of Taste – How we use the senses and how best to apply this to cocktail creation.
  • Lightning Fast and Super Slick – To quote Phillip Duff “The fine art of banging out drinks like a maniac!”
  • Cocktail Menu Mastery

Places are limited, so please secure your spot by visiting the training team site by clicking here.

Dates and Locations

  • 21st Feb (three days) Leeds
  • 7th March (three days) London
  • 21st March (Brighton)