Tequila Season 2010 at Café Pacifico and La Perla

Over the last five years or so, Tequila has been gaining the recognition it deserves as a category of enormous variety and complexity.

Agave Heaven at Cafe Pacifico and La Perla

This growth in understanding is due in large part to the efforts of both official and unofficial evangelists, and Tomas Estes falls very firmly into the second camp.

For six years, Tomas (Tequila Ambassador to the European Union) has supported Tequila Season at the Café Pacifico and La Perla venues, which aims to promote premium Tequilas to customers at competitive prices.

This year, eight Tequilas will be featured over the coming months, and while the festival is aimed at consumers, bartenders will also benefit from the extra insight into each variety, and of course enjoy a drink or two at a very good price.

Tequila Season 2010 Schedule

  • Jose Cuervo and 1800 3 August – 16 August

Jose Cuervo is the biggest tequila company in the world and has had a fundamental impact on establishing tequila as a worldwide drink.

  • Sauza 3G 17 August – 30 August

Sauza was founded in 1873 and is one of the oldest tequila companies combining traditional processes with a demand for a high-quality spirit.

  • Calle 23 31 August – 13 September

Although Calle 23 has only just been launched in the UK, it has already proved to be a competitive brand with an unprecedented following.

  • Alma Mia 14 September – 27 September

This fine tequila is popular with celebrities in the UK despite only being its first year in the UK and tequila festival.

  • Don Julio 28 September – 11 October

Don Julio is a well-established brand of tequila, which is popular for its high-standards and exquisite taste.

  • Tapatio 12 October – 25 October

Tapatio is made by the Camarena family (one of the more traditional tequila families) and is regarded as one of the finest tequilas to sip.

  • Ocho 26 October – 8 November

The first ever Tequila to produce a different vintage every year. It has quickly become the bartenders’ favourite for its unique appeal.

  • Siete Leguas 9 November – 22 November

Siete Leguas is a consistent tequila that is made in the traditional way and a popular choice for casual tequila drinkers.

Make sure you head down to a participating venue to try Mexico’s national drink.