Tanqueray No. Ten Introduce New Citrus-Inspired Art Deco Bottle

Reminiscent of a citrus squeezer, Tanqueray No. Ten’s new bottle has been designed to emphasis its citrus botanicals.

The new bottle’s ten glass facets represent these botanicals, and the overall feel of the design has an Art Deco flavour and reflects the cocktail culture embraced during that golden era.

The base of the new bottle rises to form the shape of a citrus squeezer, further calling to mind the whole fresh oranges, grapefruits and limes at its heart, and will stand out on any back bar.

Nick Temperley, Head of Diageo Reserve Brands, GB says of the redesign:

“…Tanqueray has a fabulous British heritage and the new Tanqueray No. TEN bottle design has a distinctively Art Deco, vintage feel which will appeal to bartenders and consumers alike.

This new bottle design is inspired by the unique fresh citrus element of the brand, whilst the stylish contouring and lighter glass really allows the liquid to shine through.”

The new Tanqueray No. TEN bottle is available in the UK from May 2014 through current Tanqueray No TEN regional and national suppliers.