Table Service & Masks – An Update On Restrictions

The bloated buffoon has been updating The Commons on his latest attempts to fuck over the hospitality industry.

As reported last night it is official that hospitality venues in England will have to shut at 10pm from Thursday 24th. That means everyone out of your venue (except staff) out the door by 10pm.

Table service will also be mandatory. Perhaps the most surprising news is that all hospitality staff will have to wear masks whilst at work.

There have been a couple of reports of customers having to wear masks but this is misleading. They have to wear masks indoors but not when seated for eating and drinking so it is only to enter or leave the venue or go to the loo.

These restrictions ‘could last up to 6 months’, but depends on the infection rates.

There are other details, but these are the key ones for hospitality workers.

In case anyone is wondering about furlough, he was asked about this after his speech and, unsurprisingly, he avoided the question, so no news on that.

He also hinted that Scotland, Wales and Ireland would be making similar changes in the coming days. Most of those leaders have already tabled time to make an announcement this afternoon. Update: Scotland have confirmed 10pm closing from Friday, Wales according to the BBC are going to mirror England’s rules and this will be announced this evening, in Northern Ireland ‘pubs which don’t serve food can open from Wednesday’ however mixing indoors with people from other households will no longer be allowed with certain restrictions (those have not yet been released).

If there is anymore information from the 8pm briefing we will let you know.