Swizzle your way to Guyana with El Dorado Competition

One of 2012’s most fiercely contested and fun competitions the El Dorado Swizzle Competition is back, with the first prize a trip to Guyana.

Last year saw the judges travel across the UK to a series of heats and try some truly superb drinks before an epic final at Trailer Happiness saw Oxford’s Alex Proudfoot take out the title and fulfill a long held ambition of licking an El Dorado Still.

Entering this competition is simple. Come up with a competition winning Swizzle, fill out the form below, get selected for a local heat, promote the drink in your bar, win your heat, win the final, get on the plane to Guyana.

Last years motley crew at the El Dorado Distillery

It is important to note that the Swizzle recipes MUST contain the following elements – El Dorado Rum, something sweet, something bitter, something sour and something non-alcoholic before being swizzled. The rest is up to you.

Just in case you are wondering what on earth a trip with El Dorado to Guyana is like well you can read our write up of the trip last years winner went on right here.

The deadline for entry into the competition is the 20th of May and the heats will be taking place in June & July.

If you want to know more about the history of the Swizzle, El Dorado International Brand Ambassador Stefanie Holt wrote this piece on it last year to help with a little inspiration.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing your swizzle action in a couple of month’s time.


Heats will be judged using the following criteria:

  • Name – 10 points
  • Appearance – 15
  • Aroma – 10
  • Taste – 30
  • Technique – 10
  • Promotion of drink at bar – 10
  • Knowledge – 15