Steve Schneider Showcased in Bacardi Untameable Film

Earlier this year Bacardi asked bartenders around the world to share their Untameable stories, the finest are being turned into short films.

The Untamable Campaign was launched by Bacardi to celebrate the history of the iconic brand and the irresistible spirit of the Bacardi family over the years. More on the campaign here

Bartenders from across the globe sent in their stories and the best were hand-picked to get a Hollywood makeover and be featured in the Bacardi Untameable film series.

The first to be given the moody black & white treatment is New York’s Steve Schneider. Many of you will have met Steve over the last year or two as he has travelled around the UK and Europe a fair amount, causing chaos and hangovers wherever he goes.

His home is New York institution Employees Only where he runs the bar with seemingly effortless precision. His friends know his past, it is an inspirational story which he has now chosen to share with the rest of the world.

BarLifeUK have been fortunate enough to spend a fair bit of time with Steve (he would probably call it slightly too much) and it is great that his passion and enthusiasm has been caught on film for others to benefit from.

The film is being debuted at Tales of the Cocktail this week but as a reward to those of you who couldn’t afford the time off work and are fed up with your Facebook feed being bombarded by the smug gits who could, we bring you an exclusive first look.

So here is (in our best Don LaFontaine voice) Steve Schneider in…. The Untameable Series