Steve Schneider Launches Podcast

“You know what? We should do a podcast where we talk bollocks about the bar industry and interview bartenders from all over the world. It’d be great!”

BarLifeUK News - Steve Schneider Launches PodcastThis has been said many times by many people, normally in the small hours and after quite a lot to drink, but to our knowledge has never actually been done, until now.

Steve Schneider of Employees Only, international cocktail competition and swooping Rematch Beeyatch-appearance fame has actually gone and done it, launching the Steve Schneider Show podcast, available on iTunes and as a stream from his website.

The first episode loosely follows the theme of ‘Success’, and Steve’s first guest is Irish bartender Dean Callan (Monkey Shoulder ambassador, inventor of the iSpoon, all round lovely chap). They chew the fat about their frequent travels, cocktail competitions and of course, the iSpoon.

Future episodes are rumoured to include musical appearances, and as Steve knows just about everyone in the trade, there are bound to be some interesting guests sharing his mic.

You can find out how to listen to the podcast, and do all the social-media-followy stuff on Steve’s website: