Spirited Awards Results Party In London

Love them, or despise them, the Tales of the Cocktails Spirited Awards mean a lot to those nominated, so a party to celebrate seems appropriate.

On September 21st the winners will be announced for the first ever digital Spirited Awards ceremony. Well not all the winners, some will be announced on the 24th September. Only Tales could take this opportunity to make their awards ceremony even fucking longer than it already was….. At least this way the drinks on offer will be tasty.

Legally we are unable to publish any photos from inside….

Anyway, to celebrate this, and as an excuse for a good old fashioned knees up, Sophie Bratt and JJ Goodman have decided to throw a Spirited Awards party. Taking place on September 21st at Covent Garden Social Club from 2pm till midnight (they aren’t expecting a speedy announcement schedule either apparently) there will be fun, drinks and hopefully a lot of cheering for local winners.

Brands currently on board to sponsor the event include: Curado, Crystal Head, Moet Hennessy, Franklin & Sons and Martin Millers and no doubt many more will join in before it gets going.

Now it wouldn’t be any sort of Tales based shenanigans without Jake Burger and he will be pressing play on a 2nd generation iPod DJ’ing and no doubt telling stories of Alibi related mischief.

As if you needed another reason to head down Sophie is organising this with her Community Spirit charity hat firmly on and there will be money raised for bloody good causes as the day unfolds. That’s enough of giving you reasons to want to go, if you don’t want to go by now then we’ve got nothing more to give.

So if you want to see people, have drinks and celebrate then head down to Covent Garden Social Club on September 21st after 2pm (it is probably sensible to mention that strict social distancing will be difficult to control so if this is an issue for you probably best to celebrate in another way).

Please let us know if you are organising a similar event somewhere else in the country and we will promote that as well. Why you would is beyond us seeing as Tales have once again decided that the UK is actually London with a pinch of Edinburgh and have ignored what are, in our humble opinion, some of the best bars and bartenders in the world, which just so happen not to exist in the capital.

But, let’s not get started on that rant, we’ll be here all day and that certainly isn’t the fault of any of the nominated bars who we look forward to celebrating with on the 21st.