Spirited Awards 2020 Now Accepting Nominations

Spirited Awards Nomination Period: 13th January – 26th February, 2020

I find that nothing brings home the grinding relentlessness of time’s passage quite like writing the annual ‘Spirited Awards nominations open’ story. When the press release appears in my inbox, it causes a moment of reflection on previous year’s events, which in the case of 2019 largely involved the election of chancers and morons, the planet catching fire, and learning Ed Sheeran produced three of the decade’s best-selling albums (the latter being the biggest indication the human race is truly fucked).

Looking ahead, in just a few short months, people will begin to post on social media, without irony, that they are humbled by their Spirited Awards nominations. And a few months after that, those same people will post Instagram selfies from a mindful drinking / low-no seminar before going on to spend five days getting wankered on free event cocktails.

Then the results will be announced (Savoy, again?), and we’ll all grumble about the lack of regional representation. One of the winners will be exposed as a massive racist / misogynist, causing a brief controversy and questioning of the validity of awards, before we all forget about it and I’ll be sitting at my desk, trying to come up with something new but amusing to say about the awards for the eleventh time as we start the mad roundabout again in 2021.

But hey, you’ve got to be in it to win it! Nominate yourself, and if the stars align, you’ll make the short list and a brand will pay for you to go on a New Orleans drinkng holiday this July. All the details you need to realise this dream can be found here:

Spirited Awards Nomination Page.