Sparkling Wine Brand Frizzenti introduces Prosecco On Tap

Tap that.

As if it wasn’t dangerous enough already, prosecco will soon be available on tap at a bar near you, thanks to those wacky Italians at Frizzenti.

Frizzenti will offer both Frizzenti Classico and pink sparkling wine Frizzenti Rosato in reusable twenty litre kegs and will also supply bars with purpose-built taps, installation and training.

MD George Workman explains, “serving it direct from the keg eliminates that risk [of potential wastage]” an approach that will appeal to GP-minded bar managers and owners.

With the on tap cocktail trend in full swing, and on tap wines becoming increasingly popular in major markets around the US, the launch is particularly well timed.

Often tastier than non-vintage champagne at a fraction of the price, prosecco has been growing rapidly as a category in the UK, becoming the tipple of choice of yummy mummies and brunching hipsters alike.

To find out more, contact Frizzenti directly, or your local Majestic rep.