Sloane’s Gin ‘Twisted Traditions’ National Cocktail Competition

Sloane’s Gin has announced the launch of a national cocktail competition based around a ‘Twisted Traditions’ theme.

With heats taking place in London, Edinburgh and Glasgow over the coming few weeks and the final in London in April it’s time to act to get involved.

Knowing you greedy lot I’m sure you’ll be wondering what sort of prize is on the cards. Well here’s the skinny:
1st Prize – Trip to Holland, including a night in Amsterdam and a visit to the Sloane’s distillery + £350 in cash
2nd Prize – Also gets the above trip but will be buying less rounds of G&T’s with £150 cash.

The lucky two will also get to hobnob with the good and the great with an exclusive invitation to Toorank Distilleries’ annual summer party, where they will be joined by around 300 drinks industry professionals from around the world.

Each competitor will be required to make two different cocktails.

The Twisted Tradition:
Maximum 8 ingredients (including garnish)
2 serves must be made within 7 minutes
Go as crazy as you want – just remember to link it to the traditions around gin

The Traditional Serve:
Maximum of 5 ingredients (including garnish)
2 serves must be made within 3 minutes
Your simple interpretation of a traditional gin drink. Aims of this cocktail are speed and simplicity – it must be simple to replicate for the average bartender.

Oh and all drinks must contain at least 35ml of Sloane’s Gin.

For more information on the competition and to access the entry form, go to their Facebook page (if you are from Scotland head here instead). If you are an anti-Facebookist then you can email for an entry form.