Simulate the Ambience Of Your Favourite Joint With the ‘I Miss My Bar’ Noise App

Tweakable ‘I Miss My Bar’ web app recreates the sounds of a working cocktail bar

As a sufferer of Baby Driver levels of tinnitus, I am something of a noise app connoisseur. Personal favourites include Hufflepuff Common Room, which provides a crackling fireplace and soft chatter soundtrack, You Are Listening To which blends ambient electronic music with police radio chatter, and the Sleeping Forecast, a mixture of classical music and the Shipping Forecast –  all of which distract my attention away from the ringing in my ears.

However a new, or newly-discovered, app has joined my playlist favourites, and it is called ‘I Miss My Bar’, which appears to have been created by Maverick, a cocktail bar in Monterrey, Mexico. The browser-based app allows listeners to blend the sounds of a bartender working with the chatter of guests, street noise, and various other ambient sounds, with the option to add the bar’s Spotify playlist for that full Friday night at the bar experience.

A mixture of ‘bartender working’, ‘full room’ and ‘night ambience’ works best for me as a tinnitus blocker, however non-tinnitus sufferers might enjoy a more lively mix of the sounds as a soundtrack to working (drinking) from home while they wait for Laura Kuenssberg to announce when lockdown will end and In Real Life bars can open.

You can find the ‘I Miss My Bar’ app here.

And you can follow Maverick Bar on Instagram here.