Share Your Treasure and Win a Trip to Kentucky

Maker’s Mark have created a competition to celebrate all those special, unique and precious bits of kit and bottles bartenders love.

The Maker’s Mark Bartender Trove is a first-of-its-kind collection of rare and precious bar wares that pays tribute to this hand-crafted bourbon and to the bartenders who bring it to life in cocktails.

You are now being invited to become part of the Trove and be in with a shot of winning a trip to Kentucky.

Is your precious item a jigger you picked up on eBay? A glass you found in a junk shop in Berlin? An ice pick given to you by a former colleague?

How about the liquid? Your dad’s home brew? A bottle of bitters you picked up on a trip to the States? A bottle of aged liqueur you found hidden in your local corner shop?

To get involved simply create an original Maker’s Mark cocktail using your precious liquid and at least 35ml Maker’s Mark. Let us know the specs below, tell us about your precious item and you are in the running.

Some inspiration can be found on the story about the competition launch here  and further information on the Maker’s Mark Bartenders Trove website here