Save the Tiger & Win a Trip to Singapore

Cherry Heering have launched a 2nd competition to win a trip to Singapore and this time you will also be helping to save one of nature’s most beautiful creatures.

2015 is the 100th anniversary of the iconic Singapore Sling and alongside their annual competition the folks at Cherry Heering have launched a new competition and charity – Here’s to the Tiger.logox2

Any hotel that has been around as long as the Raffles Hotel in Singapore (where the Singapore Sling was invented) is bound to have witnessed some interesting going-ons. One of the darker moments in their history came in 1902 when the sole surviving wild tiger in Singapore was killed (Raffles claim that this tiger had escaped from a visiting zoo).

However they were very different times, when the world was less aware of such issues and now Cherry Heering are working with Raffles to help redress the balance. Here’s to the Tiger is a charity set up by Cherry Heering to raise money to ensure the future of wild cats through scientific research and global conservation.

This is where you, our charity minded readers, come in. Cherry Heering are encouraging you to raise money for the charity through the sale of Sling’s in your bar. This isn’t just to give you a warm fuzzy feeling but also to give you the chance to visit Singapore and see some wild tigers in the process.

To be included you are being asked to come up with a Sling menu for your bar consisting of a classic Singapore Sling and two of your own inventions. From these three cocktails you will be asked to donate a sum per sold drink to the charity.

The bar that raises the most money will be given two tickets on the trip to Singapore as will the bar that makes the most money in relation to the size of the venue.

It is a great cause and a great trip to boot so if you want to get involved you can head to the website here for all the details, rules and entry form.

Entries close at midnight on June 30th.