Sauvelle Vodka Competition Will Take Four Bartenders to Ibiza


Sauvelle Vodka heat winners will compete in grand final on Ibiza yacht

Sauvelle Crafted French Vodka have entered the UK cocktail competition calendar with a contest that will take four bartenders to Ibiza for three dBarLifeUK Competitions - Sauvelle Vodka Competition Will Take Four Bartenders to Ibizaays of fun and frolics, built around the competition final, which will take place on a luxury sailing yacht (is there any other kind of yacht?).

Regional heats will be held throughout May and June, in Scotland, the North of England, London and the South West. The winner of each qualifier will then travel to Ibiza in August, meaning the odds of getting a Balearic tan are very good – win your heat and you get a plane ticket.

The Final prize: you will be paid to be an Ambassador for the brand the following year, traveling around, showcasing your serve across Europe.

Sauvelle is a small batch vodka, made in a micro distillery in Charente region of Cognac distilled from French wheat, using the celebrated clear spring waters of Gensac. It is un chill—filtered and oak smoothed using chêne du Limousin, to achieve vanilla and caramel notes.

If you haven’t tried it as yet, this is what they say about the liquid: “Over the course of several months, a full strength, soft wheat French spirit is brought down to 41 percent volume. In the final weeks of this process the liquid is gently filtered over three types of wood, including a charred oak, which absorbs the unwanted impurities, and leaves us with unflavoured but rich and creamy vodka.”

Rules and Ethos
This is a pleasingly simple competition, to enter you just need to create a signature serve and send it in. However, when devising your drink, bear the following points in mind:

  • The drink should be easily replicable – no home-made ingredients that require days of prep.
  • The drink should feel at home on a yacht moored off the Ibizan coast – think luxury, with a bit of  hedonism thrown in for good measure.
  • Your bar must stock Sauvelle to qualify your entry

The Prize
The winner of the Ibiza final will not only get the nation’s kudos for 2016, they will also be paid to be an Ambassador for Sauvelle Vodka for the following year (around your job, of course).

This amazing role will involve world travel, showcasing your winning serve across Europe and developing the brand and yourself across some of the worlds best bar.

How to enter
Once you have devised your cocktail recipe, fill in the form below. The entries will then be paper judged by the Sauvelle team, and the successful bartenders invited to join their nearest heat.

The odds of getting a place on the trip are much higher here than many comps, and the three days you will spend in Ibiza will be epic – There will be nights out, great food and, of course, a day on a yacht. So get involved, and start thinking about your recipe now.

For more information about the brand contact

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