House of Samalens launches new armagnac range

Described by the brand as being “as dry as a single malt whisky, but with highly subtle floral aromas and astonishing complexity”, the new Single de Samalens range comes in 8, 12 and 15YO flavours.

Single de Samalens armagnac
Single de Samalens armagnac

Produced using wines made with a single variety of grape, Ugni Blane, the vinification combines two different methods of distillation (single and double). This aims to obtain a spirit as dry and rich as whisky.

Founded in 1882, the Maison Samalens is located in Bas-Armagnac and houses the largest distillery in the region with 4 single and 4 pot stills. Its stock of hundred-year old brandies is one of the largest in the world.

Single de Samalens armagnac is available from Bibendum. Contact Nick Rodgers on 0207 449 4099 for more information.