Sailor Jerry Tattoos Jeffery West’s Shoes at Selfridges

I’ve always been a big fan of Sailor Jerry events, not least because I am also a big fan of girls with tattoos.

Aasen Stephenson hard at work

However their latest venture, taking place at Selfridges in London for the next couple of weeks, will leave you a little less permanently marked than the last I attended.

At the back of the men’s footwear department you will find a collection of very fancy yet rock n’ roll shoes by English cobbler to the stars, Jeffery-West.

Pick a pair out (BarLifeUK went for a badass Norton biker boot) and the very talented Aasen Stephenson, aka Deathhouse, will personalise them for you with a Sailor Jerry tattoo of your choice.

The tattoos themselves are done with a normal gun, but without ink. They look awesome and as the leather ages, will only get better. Stretching your feet out in front of you on the underground will most definitely earn some envious stares.

The finished article

There is more information on the collaboration between Sailor Jerry and Jeffery-West here, including images of the collection.

And should you find yourself in the West End with some time to spare, you should definitely pop along for a look at Aasen in action.