Sailor Jerry and The Clash’s Paul Simonon Collaborate on Bad Boy Jacket

We don’t normally cover the non booze-related activities of booze brands because, for the most part, they are lame.

However, Sailor Jerry have a knack of doing things which tick all the BarLifeUK boxes.

On this occasion, they are combining Norman Collins’ legendary Sailor Jerry tattoo artwork (which we love) with the Rock and Roll bass playing genius of The Clash’s Paul Simonon (who we love), to create a leather jacket, t-shirt and neckerchief (which we also love, but are probably too middle aged to wear).

The range is the first of a series of collaborations entitled The Flash Collection, after Norman Collin’s famous flash artwork.

Mr Simonon says of his involvement: “I’ve always admired Norman Collins’ art. He was a real original and his designs were the template for many other tattooists. It’s the first time I’ve done a collaboration and combining art and clothes design is right up my street.”

Visit the Sailor Jerry clothing website for more details, and get saving.

Read about Sailor Jerry’s tattooed shoes – a prior collaboration with Jeffery West – here.