Ron de Jeremy Rum Reviewed

The world’s most famous male porn star has launched a rum.

Mainly, it seems, because his name is Ron and Ron is Spanish for rum. Is that any reason to dismiss it out of hand? Well BarLifeUK got hold of a bottle to find out.

Ron de Jeremy

First things first let’s get the background info out of the way. Yes this rum is the brainchild of Ron Jeremy who is massive… in the adult entertainment industry. No, he has no experience previously in the spirits production industry.

However it seems he isn’t taking himself too seriously, with the tagline on the bottle being ‘Long smooth taste’ and the company he formed to produce it named One-Eyed Spirits.

So, although he may not be taking himself too seriously, the same cannot be said for the liquid in the bottle. He has employed the services of 72-year old Cuban Master Distiller Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez.

Francisco has apparently been part of the teams responsible for Ron Abuelo and Havana Club (although finding supporting evidence of this on-line proved tricky).

Armed with this information we were a little skeptical when we sat down to give Ron de Jeremy a try. First things first the bottle is nice – it isn’t shaped like any part of Ron’s anatomy, and the label doesn’t contain any lady parts (BarLifeUK were divided when it came to deciding if this was a good or bad thing).

It does have a picture of Ron on it and the cheeky tagline, but hey, he is the face and name behind the brand so you have to forgive him for that.

The rum itself is a 7 year old Panama dark rum which comes in at 40% and really isn’t bad at all. It is on the sweet side but the aftertaste does give you a nice burn, as well as drying out the sweetness – a strange but enjoyable combination. It isn’t ever going to be the connoisseurs’ choice or go up against super premium brands, but that isn’t really the point.

It seems Mr Jeremy is a wily (yes one ‘l’) fella. If you put this bottle on your back bar people will be interested and, as we know, interest tends to lead to sales. The chances are, however, that the people who will be interested in a bottle of booze created by a porn star won’t be rum aficionados and therefore the sweetness on the palate will be exactly what they want.

Who knows, Ron de Jeremy might well be responsible for subverting a few more drinkers into the rum revolution. To try it for yourself go visit our friends at Master of Malt who have exclusive rights in the UK right now.