Rematch Beeyatch Is Back

The creepy drunk uncle of the Cocktail Competition world is back this June at Loves Company, London.

In the last month we’ve had the global finals of Bacardi Legacy and the UK final of Diageo World Class. It’s been a great few weeks however it’s time to let the naughty boys and girls out of the cupboard.

Last years Rematch at Trailer

For anyone unfamiliar with Rematch Beeyatch let’s see if we can sum it up in nine words. Make 10 drinks quickly, very quickly, make them servable.

It sounds simple but is anything but, the hours of practice leading up to the competition to shave split seconds off the times. The mental preparation on the day, running through the round in the mindseye, visualising every pour, every cube of ice. The zen like state which engulfs the competitors in the seconds before the stopwatch starts. The pure chaos and speed that then inevitably follows.

If you haven’t seen Rematch in action before we urge you to come down and watch. The energy and atmosphere is enough to make your hair stand on end and if you’re Russell Burgess that’s a whole lot of energy. Have a better look at last years event here.

Since Rematch was conceived in the dark reaches of Paul Mant & Tim Stones minds many years ago, there have been some epic battles, some worthy winners and Stu Hudson. This year see’s some of those big names return for a Rematch for the ages.

From over the pond come Steve Schneider and his cheering section in the form of Giuseppe Gonzalez (mind you Steve has spent so much time here the last year he’s on a UKIP watch list). Also throwing his hat in the ring is previous champion Bobby Hiddleston who is sure to put up a time worth paying attention to, rumour has it he is relocating back to the UK just to acclimatise to the British altitude.

According to Russell (who is organising the latest event) there are plenty of head to head battles going on within the greater scheme of the action.

The current champ, Stu Hudson.

The Beauty and the Beast Battle
Andrea ‘Mothering’ Montague vs Stu ‘The Champ’ Hudson

The Ex-Effect Battle
Jim Wrigley vs Nicci ‘Sticci’ Stringfellow

The ‘Only Battle He’s Going To Win’ Battle
Jake Burger vs Jake Burger

There will also be a Hotel Bar Battle and a Newbies Battle to keep an eye out for.

Rematch is free from any brand affiliation and therefore the prize has to come from the competitors themselves. As a result it is £50 to enter and winner takes all.

There are still a couple of spots left and if you want to get involved track down Russell Burgess on Facebook and drop him a line.

So if you fancy it here are the entry rules:

  • Entry is one crisp, ironed, £50 note. Change is for losers. No money, no entry, fuck off.
  • Entrance closes 1 week before the rematch, entry is limited to the first 20 competitors so get in early or wait for next time losers.
  • Running order will be chosen at random and is final. Book the WHOLE night off, you’ll need it.
  • Judging will be blind (blind drunk) and all alcoholics decisions are final. No pissing and moaning.
  • PRACTICE!!! Don’t come half-cocked or you will look like a tosser. The earlier you buy the specs, the sooner you can start rocking.
  • So you can begin your practice you need the official specs. These cost £50 and that covers your entry fee.
  • Spectators, supporters and hecklers welcome. The louder the merrier.

If you want to come along, lend your support, make lots of noise and knock back a few drinks then head to Loves Company (next to Old Street tube station) on 22nd June at 7pm.

As always when it comes to Rematch the final words go to it’s founders Tim & Paul:

“So you think you’re good do ya? Why have a head to head when you can start a riot? Forget about memorising NOM numbers, leave your syphon and frying pan at home, take your lavender syrup off the stove and stop calling yourself a mixologist. Whether you work at the Dorchester or the Dog and Duck or even if your business card says consultant, ambassador or brand whore; strap your balls on and put your money where your mouth is.

This time all you need is your speed…. If you’ve got any that is.

Bring it!!