Recuerdo and Zignum Mezcals Return with Expanded Comp and More Travel Prizes

Recuerdo and Zignum Mezcal Competition Entry Deadline: Midnight, April 16th, 2023

The debut competition for El Recuerdo Abocado Con Gusano and Zignum Reposado mezcals, hosted by Love Drinks, was one of 2022’s best comps. BarLifeUK toured the UK judging with the Love Drinks crew, and were knocked out by the quality of the cocktails and the effort that everyone put into their presentations at the heats – it’s obvious that bartenders are still very much in love with and inspired by all things agave.

Last year’s comp was a double-header, meaning bartenders could create an entry for either or both of the mezcal liquids, with everyone competing together. However the response to the competition was such that this year El Recuerdo Abocado Con Gusano and Zignum Reposado are each being given their own stand-alone competition, so that more bartenders can get involved with each heat., although you can of course still enter both if the spirit moves you – the heats will be on consecutive days in nearby cities to make double entries as easy as possible.

The Prizes

Last year’s winners out on the town in Mexico

As the Love Drinks Mezcal Competition itself grows in scope, so does the number of prizes on offer. The outright winner of both the El Recuerdo and Zignum competitions will each receive a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Oaxaca, no small thing when you read Simon Webster’s write-up of the 2022 winners’ trip, which he described as one of the best he’s ever been on.

And, in a new development for 2023, the runner-up from each competition will be whisked away to Barcelona, as part of a bar exchange. So, compared to last year, an entry for the 2023 El Recuerdo and Zignum comp is twice as likely to win you a seat on a plane that’s heading somewhere warm and beautiful.

How To Enter

You are welcome to enter a drink for either or both of the liquids, and the rules are very simple – your cocktail must contain a minimum of 30ml of your chosen mezcal (El Recuerdo Abocado Con Gusano or Zignum Reposado) and have a maximum of 1 home-made ingredient. Your drink and presentation should be based around the following theme/s:

El Recuerdo Abocado Con Gusano – Celebrate the flavours of Oaxaca and traditional mezcal. For those bartenders who get inspired by taste and flavour this is your chance to deep dive into all that Mexico and mezcal offer.

Zignum Reposado – Focusing on the history of Oaxaca and traditions of its inhabitants. For those bartenders who find inspiration in the stories and history of a region, culture or spirit this is your opportunity to discover about one of the most interesting cultures in the world.

When the entry deadline has passed, all of the entries will be paper-judged and the successful bartenders will be invited to compete at their nearest regional heat, with the judges scoring each drink and presentation against the following criteria:

  • Taste: 50 points
  • Visual Appeal: 10 points
  • Aroma: 5 points
  • Hitting the brief: 10 points
  • Presentation: 25 points