Quintessentially Vodka Launches in UK

We know that not everyone gets excited about a new vodka launch, but this one is worth a look.

There are a couple of reasons we are bringing you news of the launch of Quintessentially Vodka. First up is the fact it is being released by Quintessentially Lifestyle who happen to be the world’s leading members-only concierge club. Secondly is the fact they have teamed up with UK distillers G&J Greenall’s to create the product. Finally is the fact that a certain Mr Fabrice Limon is heading it all up.

For those of you who are not familiar with Fabrice, let us fill you in. He has been around in the UK bar industry since the mid 90’s when he opened a few bars in the London with a certain Tony Conigliaro (rumour has it this was so long ago there were only two types of bitters on the market… can you even imagine?!?).

After a few years in the exotic locations of Val D’Isere and South Yorkshire Fabrice joined Mangrove when it launched in 2007. He left Mangrove to start up Quintessentially Spirits last month.

With that sort of history behind him I think we can assume he wouldn’t get involved with a bobbins product!

The vodka itself is aimed at the ‘super premium’ vodka market (unsurprisingly given its association with Quintessentially Lifestyle), and produced using organic wheat as its base. Being a vodka it is obviously distilled multiple times, at which point we are probably supposed to use phrases like ‘incredibly smooth’ and ‘mouth feel’. Instead we will point out that it sits at 42% ABV and has the addition of Rowanberry’s to give it a unique flavour profile.

After Fabrice gave us a try the other day we can tell you, that with the experience of G&J Greenall’s and their 250 years of distilling experience, it is certainly a vodka worth trying for yourself.

Whilst this is the launch brand for the Quintessentially Spirits company there will be other brands coming in the near future and BarLifeUK will be bringing you news of them as soon as we hear.

In the meantime if you would like to stock, try or learn more about Quintessentially Vodka jump on their website here or get hold of Fabrice directly on 07714 107749 or fabrice@quintessentiallyspirits.com