Puerto de Indias Gin Joins Love Drinks: Bottle Give-Away

Puerto de Indias give-away entry deadline: Midnight 8th September, 2023

Whoever is responsible for signing up new brands at Love Drinks is on a roll. Last week we brought you the news (and a bottle giveaway) that Ron Matusalem had joined their portfolio, and today it is Puerto de Indias Gin.

The Andalucian brand first started distilling in 2013, and describe theirs as the world’s first strawberry pink gin. Apparently Puerto de Indias was the product of a happy accident, when two Sevillian brothers decided to macerate locally-grown strawberries in alcohol. Not realising the effects that a Seville summer would have on the fruit and liquid, a lush, strawberry pink gin was born.

Based at the Carmona Distillery in Seville, which was founded in 1880 and built by a disciple of Gustave Eiffel, the artisan distillery has its own natural spring and uses 200-year-old copper stills that were traditionally used to distil aniseed. Fusing age-old techniques with the latest innovation, the distillery carefully sources and uses the finest locally grown fresh Andalucian strawberries, blackberries, fruits and botanicals.

Samantha Burke, Managing Director of Love Drinks and presumably the aforementioned person who keeps signing up new brands , commented: “It’s a huge honour to be the new importers of a pioneering brand like Puerto de Indias that spearheaded the launch of flavoured gins and has been driving the revolution ever since through its supreme quality, taste-rich range and absolute authenticity. They built the glass ceiling for flavoured gins and have continued to smash it through their ongoing innovation so we’re excited to be workingwith them to drive further growth and success over the coming years.”

Fore more information speak to your Love Drinks rep, or call them on 0207 501 9630. To win a bottle of Puerto de Indias Strawberry Gin, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Puerto de Indias Strawberry – 37.5% ABV
Tasting notes: Fantastically fresh with beautiful aromas of strawberries on the nose, which are
prominent on the palate alongside notes of citrus and juniper.
Base spirit: Grain
Packaging: Available in a 70cl bottle in the classic Strawberry Gin format or in an unlimited edition
Pride bottle that fights against LGTBI-phobia 356 days a year.

Puerto de Indias Blackberry – 37.5% ABV
Tasting notes: Boisterous blackberries dominate the nose with hints of violet caramel and citrus. On
the palate, it is silky smooth and complex with delicious dark fruit notes that balance beautiful
bittersweet nuances before a fresh and dry finish.
Base spirit: Grain
Packaging: Available in a 70cl bottle.

Puerto de Indias Black Edition 40% ABV
Tasting notes: Very floral with delicate hints of orange blossom and lemon on the nose, on the
palate there is an abundance of citrus with vanilla notes before an intense, complex but smooth
Base spirit: Grain
Packaging: Available in a 70cl bottle.