Please & Thank You Beer Launches To Help Hospitality Workers

A new beer is available with proceeds going towards one-to-one therapy sessions for hospitality workers.

The team at mental health awareness project Wrestling Demons have teamed up with Brewgooder and London Fields Brewery to create Please & Thank You beer, a 4% ABV Rice Lager. It has been co-created with bartenders, managers and chefs, with the can artwork being designed by artists Nic Mac and Iain Macarthur.

Proceeds from both can and keg sales will go towards one-to-one therapy sessions run by Me, Myself in Mind for people working in hospitality. The project will also be sharing free and paid support services to help give businesses some direction where many don’t know where to start.

Created by Alex Fatho-Bland from Place of the Way’, he spoke about the inspiration and value of remembering to say please & thank you: “I just got tired of hearing staff being treated like slaves without the human decency to pay those magical words to an incredibly passionate and exciting industry. It’s a fast-paced career and the love staff have to restore and bring Hospitality into the 21st Century whilst keeping everyone smiling is taking a massive toll. It’s why we’re also encouraging brands to stop worrying about how they will be perceived for investing in mental health and the evident needs Hospitality has and please start supporting the vision of a healthier, happier industry… even if they just want to do so anonymously via the QR code on the can”.

Please & Thank You is already in many venues such as Oxo Tower, Heads & Tails, The Hide Bar and The Nelson. You can, of course, get hold of some online at London Fields Shop and if you want to get your venue stocking it you can email 440ml cans come in a £42 per 24 can case and a 30 litre keg is £85.    

 You can donate to Hospitality one-to-one therapy sessions here.

James Hughes CBO of Brewgooder shared his encouragement for this progressive collaboration: Brewgooder is very proud to be working with London Fields and the Wrestling Demons initiative to raise awareness of mental health within Hospitality and the impact that basic manners, or lack of, can have on the staff in venues. As well as being the right thing to do on a human level, as a brand to be made aware of the increasing rates of mental vulnerability among a group of people who we ultimately depend upon to serve our product, for us choosing to then ignore this would be immoral and against our values. Hopefully more conversations can be started to counteract this trend in our industry and better protect the mental health of staff”.