Play that funky music loud (and cheaper) boy

Play that funky music loud (and cheaper) boy

Pubs and Bars across the UK are due to receive a refund of up to £10 million after the High Court upheld a previous ruling against the Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL) that their charges are too high.

The decision was reached by the High Court after an appeal from the PPL (who collect fees on behalf of performers and record companies) against a ruling that the 2005 rise in fees was excessive.

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Please sir can we have some money back

The ruling has a two fold effect for the hospitality industry with savings of an estimated £3 million a year in fees as well as the potential to claim back refunds dating back to the date of the original price rise in 2005.

The reduction in fees payable will be effective immediately and information on how to claim back the payments already made will be available soon. BarLifeUK will be providing that information as soon as it is released.

The PPL have stated that they are ‘extremely disappointed’ with the ruling. A spokesman said “This leaves the PPL with tariffs that it believes substantially undervalue the rights of its performer and record company members”.

The PPL do still have the option of appealing this latest decision however at time of writing they had yet to decide on a course of action.