Plantation Rum Moves to Identity Drinks Brands

New company Identity Drinks Brands adds to its growing portfolio with Plantation Rum and the rest of the Maison Ferrand products.

It is no great surprise that Identity Brands have agreed a deal with Maison Ferrand as they were previously looked after by Instil Drinks Co. which was set up and run by Identity owner Nick Rodgers.plantation-label

Plantation Rum is joined by Citadelle Gin and Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao at Identity Drinks which is already home to Element 29 Vodka and Boxer Gin. This all gives the company, which only opened up shop in May, a very interesting and tasting looking portfolio.

Nick is unsurprisingly excited at the prospect:

“I have Plantation in my blood, quite literally, so I couldn’t be happier to be to be working with Paul McFadyen and the Ferrand products again. We’ve got some sensational plans to put Citadelle gin back on the map as the original artisanal gin; and Pierre Ferrand Dry Curacao, which was created with renowned cocktail historian David Wondrich, has to be the most exciting liqueur on the market.’

If you missed it, Plantation Original Dark Rum changed its packaging recently to reflect the introduction of Jamaican rum to the blend. Whilst we haven’t tried it yet, with Ferrand owner Alexandre Gabriel behind the recipe we’re pretty confident it will be another great product.

No doubt Nick and Global Plantation Rum Brand Ambassador Paul McFadyen will be appearing in your bar soon with a bottle if they haven’t already, and if the Beach Volleyball tournament the other day is anything to go by keep an eye out for some fun events coming your way from Identity Drinks soon.