Peter F. Heering Sling Awards Launch

Win a trip to BCB in Berlin, 500 Euros and a silver Stelton shaker by putting your own twist on the iconic Singapore Sling.

Cherry Heering is a brand that all bartenders know and one that sits on almost every back bar in the country but the history of this brand is less widely understood. It has a heritage dating back almost 200 years since its launch in 1818. In fact Cherry Heering was one of the worlds truly global brands.

It is then, little surprise, that it is a vital ingredient in classic cocktails such as the Singapore Sling and Blood & Sand. It is the former cocktail that Cherry Herring celebrate each year through their Peter F. Heering Sling Awards.

The Singapore Sling may have gone out of fashion a touch in recent years (not least due to the bar that claims to be the home of the Sling now producing awful imitations of the drink that made it famous) but this should not take away from the fact that a well made Singapore Sling is a superb drink that should be in every bartenders repertoire.

Cherry Heering though are looking to the future and as a result run a competition each year to discover the latest modern twist on this drink. The competition now commands great respect internationally and this years entry system is up and running.

To get involved you need to compose a cocktail inspired by the classic Singapore Sling. The drink must include Cherry Heering – no homemade syrups or other infusions are allowed. Name the drink and take a picture (including the Heering bottle is a plus). Upload picture and recipe together with your information, via the web page, before the 25th May.

From this point the 16 semi-finalists will be picked from the global entries by an international jury. These 15 will receive an electronic tablet with all the details on the next round. The next round will see all 15 finalists making a 3 minute video which will be judged in London before the top 5 are flown out to the BCB exhibition in Berlin to compete for the cash, goodies and bragging rights.

For those of you who haven’t been to BCB or checked out the Berlin bar scene it is well worth the effort for that alone. So get your creative hats on and put a spin on a drink which should be more celebrated, who knows you might even fall back in love with this classic.

Entry via until 25th May.