Opening Hours Extended for Sunday’s Euro Final

55 years of hurt, 45 minutes of extra drinking time.

After the excitement of last night, extolling the virtues of players I spend most of my life telling my TV, cats and old blokes in my local boozer are utter shit, eyes turn towards Sunday. Across the country people are desperately trying to find somewhere that has a spare table for 8pm.

Due to the late start and distinct possibility of extra time and penalties (please not penalties, my ageing ticker might not be able to take it) it has been announced that licensing has been extended from 10:30pm to 11:15pm. This will automatically be applied to your license with no need to apply for a TENS or to fill in any clunky online local authority forms.

The extension only applies to venues who close before 11:15pm allowing them to stay open until this time, if you have a later license you do not get a 45 minute extension but you do get descended on by vast amounts of celebrating or commiserating football fans. Good luck.

It is sure to be a tense and memorable night and for all of you working on Sunday we sincerely hope it is a night you get to enjoy as well.