Ooshka Festival

Scotland isn’t just known for it’s kilts and haggis you know. They are also responsible for some pretty amazing booze too, which The Whisky Ambassador and The Drink Cabinet felt should be showcased once and for all.

As The Whisky Ambassador offer the world’s only accredited whisky course for the hospitality trade, Director Jo Graham thought it was time to introduce the public to the lesser known facts of the countries’ sought after spirits and beers. Jo said, “In our experience, many people don’t understand and appreciate the craftsmanship, and complexities of the Scottish drinks industry which is why we want to celebrate this, and have some fun at the same time.” option 1

With that in mind, they have organised an epic celebration to showcase the journey, production and stories of these lesser known drinks of Scotland. The event will take place this September on Glasgow’s Tall Ship, to tie into Scotland’s rich history in the trading and transport of Whisky all over the world. During the event, people will enjoy tastings, masterclasses and interactive workshops as well as tuck into some Scottish themed food, of course. Marvellous.

Andy Gemmell, Director of The Drink Cabinet added, “Having travelled the world as a Whisky Ambassador, I realised the passion people have for Scotland. We want to celebrate this by showcasing the amazing drinks brands we produce – from Whisky, Gin, Beer and even Rum, we want to educate people through an innovative format in an iconic location.”

Tickets are a steal a tenner, which includes 5 samples from exhibitors. The event starts at 11am until 6.30pm before the place is transformed into an alternative Ceilidh… party time. You don’t want to miss it. Get your tickets here: http://bit.ly/1N3GwUj

This is just the start for Ooshka. They have even earmarked Sydney Harbour for their next event, so expect to see them traveling the world showing people what Scotland is really made of.