OOFT! Launches – The Go To Guide For Drinking In, Out & Up

OOFT! has been created as the one and only platform that embraces how to make the most of Drinking In, as well as Drinking Out.

If you read our interview with Leanne Ware earlier this week you will know that the Distinctly Aware founder promised a big announcement today. Well here it is, OOFT!

First up if you are wondering how to pronounce OOFT! Imagine the sound you make when you have a particularly delicious cocktail (or in our case get up off the sofa).

During the last Covid 19 pandemic drinking culture has changed, in homes across the country people have been experimenting with making cocktails. YouTube videos, Zoom masterclasses and books have been helping people fill the void left by the closing of our great bars.

OOFT! aims to capitalise on this and make sure the countries enthusiasm for great drinks doesn’t wane.

We have seen comments over the last year from certain people berating those assisting people to make cocktails at home, pronouncing that if people learn to make great drinks at home they will no longer visit cocktail bars. This makes about as much sense as the government’s attitude to the hospitality industry over the last 12 months.

For years chefs have been filling every second hour of our TV screens with shows teaching us how to make restaurant quality dishes at home and their businesses have (with the exception of the pandemic) never been in a stronger position. Going out is about a lot more than the drink in your hand, people go out for the atmosphere, experience and socialising. What the last year has done is start to breakdown any perceived ideas that cocktails are intimidating, much as chefs have done with ‘fancy’ restaurants.

If people drink better at home they will drink better when they are out.

So, with that out of our system, back to Leanne and OOFT! which aims to be a one stop place where consumers can find, be inspired and search for a cocktail recipe, see what’s happening in bars near them, discover how to get decent cocktails delivered and related gifts.

There will be how-to-make recipe videos, cocktail making kits, masterclasses, events, articles and advice from all corners of hospitality that are focused on enhancing the at home or going out drinking experience.

The list of industry folk signed up to deliver these messages is pretty impressive and includes Georgi Radev, JJ Goodman, Douglas Ankrah, Camille Vidal, Richard Woods, Pritesh Mody, Stuart Hudson, Hannah Lanfear, the Schofield brothers and Venning brothers.

You can check out OOFT! for yourself at their website, which includes a contact page if you would like to feature on the site, as well as at their Facebook and Instagram pages.