NTIA Release Updated Reopening Handbook for Hospitality As Restrictions End in England

The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) have released an updated version of their reopening handbook to reflect today’s lifting of social distancing restrictions in England

If you are reading this in England, you are now a subject in what is probably the biggest public health experiment ever conducted: the removal of social distancing rules, and reliance instead on immunity-based protections, in the midst of a wave of Covid infections.

While the return to unrestricted trading will be incredibly welcome to cash-strapped hospitality businesses, the government’s messaging around the shift from enforceable laws to public ‘personal responsibility’ has been predictably vague, and is likely to be interpreted by a sizeable chunk of the public to mean the pandemic is over, which it isn’t – as evidenced by the number of hospitality being pinged by the test and trace app each day.

All of this points to hospitality experiencing some new challenges as the industry fully reopens to customers who themselves are adjusting to the new situation. To reflect this, the Night Time Industries Association have updated their Reopening Handbook with all the latest guidance, to help venues address these new challenges and make the most of the opportunities a return to unrestricted trade affords. The following subjects are among the areas the handbook examines in detail:

  • Updated Pavement Licence
  • Health & Safety and Risk Management
  • Reopening Checklist
  • Staff fatigue
  • HR & Employment
  • Terrorism Guidance
  • Team Wellbeing and Support

Download the NTIA Reopening Handbook

The NTIA Reopening Handbook is free, and you can download the PDF file here.