NOLA Launches Asleep At The Stick

London bar NOLA have announced a new initiative which will see brands taking over the bar on Monday nights to showcase their finest drinks.

Asleep At The Stick is designed to get Brand Ambassadors to put their money where their mouths are in a competition showdown of bartending skills, knowledge, showmanship, chat and cocktail creations (it is also designed to give the NOLA staff a bit of a rest although we get the feeling it might end up in more work for them!).Asleep-At-The-Stick

Each Monday for a month a brand currently used in cocktails at NOLA will send down their Brand Ambassador to take-over the New Orleans inspired bar. At the end of the summer season, select guests will be able to vote for their favourite and most memorable brand take-over experience.

In the upcoming months Bulleit Whiskey, Chartreuse Liqueur and Monkey Shoulder Whiskey will be putting their own twist on the nights. First up, showing them how it should be done, is Luxardo Liqueur and their Brand Ambassador Gareth ‘G’ Franklin. With the rich history of the company, founded in 1821, and the insatiable enthusiasm of G we are sure it will be a whole lot of fun down there.

Luxardo will be in Monday residence until the end of June followed by Bulleit (July), Chartreuse (August) & Monkey Shoulder (September) before the winners announcement party on September 28th.

So if you want some tasty drinks and the chance to annoy G head on down to NOLA in the coming Monday’s from 6pm. In the meantime we’ll leave the final words with the Founder of NOLA, James Triffo:

“We’re excited to be working alongside some of our favourite cocktail ingredients to provide a “day-of-rest” for our team. Each Monday until the end of September will see different brands host a month-long take-over. Essentially they will have a chance to create a menu and serve it to guests (alongside our team). At the end of the season we’re getting everyone together for a big party to vote on who’s take-over was edgiest, fun and creative. Essentially NOLA is turning the tables on the all the brand hosted bartender competitions you see around the world”