New Venue for Bacardi Classics 2017 Softball Tournament 

Bacardi Classics: Sunday 6th August, 12pm

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Write this on a post-it note and stick it on the back of your front door: DON’T GO TO FINSBURY PARK.

That way, when you wake up groggy and possibly hung-over on Sunday morning, you won’t autopilot to the wrong venue, because the Bacardi Classics Softball Tourney has moved to a new field for 2017.

Those who fear change will be reassured to hear location is the only thing to differ from previous tournaments. Hearty food will be provided (courtesy of Mr Lyan), and enhanced isotonic sport hydration takes the form of specially imported Hatuey beer, Bacardi Mojitos and Cuba Libres, as well as Super Lyan Slushies. Wonderful.

Lots of swag will be dished out on the day, including some as yet unannounced and quite special prizes. However as previous attendees will know, the best thing about going to Bacardi Classics is hanging out and enjoying lovely food and booze, while watching unfit bartenders attempting to do sport.

You can read about previous Bacardi Classics tournaments, and who won them, here and here.

Bacardi Classics’ New Location. 

Douglas Eyre Sports Centre, 148 Coppermill Lane, E17 7HE

Nearest stations Black Horse Road (Victoria Line & Over ground) St James (Overground). Blackhorse Road is 12 minutes from Kings Cross, and a 5 min walk to the field. St James Street is 15 mins from Liverpool Street and an 8 min walk to the field.

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