New Edinburgh Arcade Bar NQ64 Seeks ‘Playtesters’ Ahead of August Opening

NQ64 soft launch / playtest – Monday 9th & Tuesday 10th August – 25 Lothian Rd, Edinburgh EH1 2D

A new venue, described as Edinburgh’s first retro arcade bar and located on Lothian Road, will open to the public on August 12th. Decked out with RGB lighting and UV graffiti, the bar has a ’90s movie about hackers’ look quite suitable for a retro gaming joint. And speaking of the games, NQ64 has over 30 vintage arcade machines, a ton of old school consoles, and, notably, a sound-proof Guitar Hero booth. As you would expect, NQ64 bartenders will sling gaming-themed drinks such as the ‘Blanka’, made with Tequila and melon, and the ‘Mad Max’ made with rum, absinthe and fire. Was there are Mad Max game?

In a blatant attempt to get a bit of pre-launch press (which has obviously worked) the NQ64 team are calling for volunteers to go in and ‘test’ the games before the bar opens to the public. The playtesting / soft launch sessions will take place on the 9th and 10th of August, with 50 people being chosen at random via the usual follow / like / share mechanic on Instagram. Bartenders based in Edinburgh will no doubt know someone who knows someone, so have a word and see if you can wangle your way onto the list without the Instagram malarky.

NQ64 looks fun, and BarLifeUK will be sure to drop in on our next visit to Edinburgh, so that Andy can once again demonstrate his clear superiority over Simon when it comes to Guitar Hero.

25 Lothian Rd, Edinburgh EH1 2DJ
Instagram : @nq64edinburgh
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