Nc’nean Release Single Cask Edition With Creations Competition Winner Matt Morrison

288 bottles of the ex-Bourbon cask single malt become available on Burns Night 2024

Matt Hastings (L) and Matt Morrison

Nc’nean Creations is one of our favourite comps, as it provides an opportunity to work with lovely liquids alongside equally lovely people, all underpinned by a theme of environmental care and stewardship. The prize is awesome too – the creation of a signature single barrel release, of which you get to keep a not insignificant amount.

Last year, the Creations comp was won by Matt Morrison of Bertie’s Whisky Bar at the Fife Arms, and following what I am sure was a thorough and thoroughly enjoyable tasting process, Matt’s prize whisky is now poised for release, with 288 bottles becoming available on Nc’nean website on Burns Night (25th January).

The single cask Matt selected was filled in 2017, making it one of the oldest whiskies Nc’nean have released to date, has delicious-sounding tasting notes of spiced banana bread, lemon balm and vanilla ice cream. Matt says of the botting: “I’m really excited for people to try this single cask from Nc’nean. Coming from Nc’nean means it’s very quaffable on the palate and guilt free on the mind. I’ve selected this cask because the flavours of banana bread and vanilla ice cream are amongst my favourite in whisky and the additional hint of spice this whisky presents leads to a fantastic and unique drinking experience.

Matt Hastings, Nc’nean’s blender and Creations Competition showrunner, comments: “It’s been a delight getting to know Matt, both from the cocktail competition and in guiding him through the cask selection process for this release. His phenomenal attention to detail has been apparent throughout, resulting in him finding a unique and particularly decadent whisky, packed full of the very best qualities Nc’nean has to offer.”

Aon 17-193 has flavours of spiced banana bread, lemon balm and vanilla ice cream, and will be available to buy for £94.95 from