Mount Gay Black Barrel Glasgow Heat Results

Scotland yet again produces some World class competition cocktails

Miran Chauhan's The Clouds Above the Cane.
Miran Chauhan’s The Clouds Above the Cane.

We are always happy to judge competition heats in Scotland, as they regularly produce some of the most exciting drinks we see each year.

The Glasgow heat of the Mount Gay Black Barrel comp was no exception, indeed some of the best drinks we have tasted throughout the competition came across the bar of Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Cafe, and made this one of the toughest heats to judge.

Knowing that two bartenders would win a place on a trip to Barbados probably didn’t hurt on the motivation stakes, but that aside, it seems bartenders North of the border go above and beyond the call of duty when putting competition drinks, and presentations, together.

In particular, the judges were struck by the amount of effort that went in to many of the garnishes, stories and props that supported competitors’ drinks – we were presented with messages in bottles, some delicious food, and, memorably, to chat that came in the form of a perfectly delivered poem, by Michael Braun of Edinburgh’s Panda & Sons.

As ever, the judges had to whittle the field down to two winners, and after a protracted session of points-adding and note-comparing, it was Cal McMillan of Guy’s Restaurant, and Miran Chauhan of Bon Vivant who won places on the trip.

Gina Camfield action shot...
Gina Camfield action shot…

Both of the winners produced fantastic drinks, with Cal seamlessly weaving brand knowledge into his storytelling, and Miran creating a drink, using candy floss, that quite literally looked like a cloud floating above a cane field.

Well done to the winners, and we look forward to following your adventures in Barbados. And a big thank you to the Kelvingrove Cafe team, and the rest of the competitors, for making this a fantastic competition trip to Glasgow.

The Winners

Cal McMillan, Guy’s Restaurant

A Barrel of Black Gold

  • 35ml Mount Gay Black Barrel
  • 15ml  Amaro CioCiaro
  • 15ml  Aperol
  • 15ml  Cherry Heering

All ingredients built in a mixing glass, stirred over cubed ice and strained into a chilled crystal stemmed glass with orange peel.

Miran Chauhan, Bon Vivant 

Clouds Above the Cane

  • 40ml Mount Gay Black Barrel
  • 10ml The Botanist Gin
  • 20ml  Pineau des Charentes
  • 2 Dashes Orange Bitters
  • 15ml Simple syrup
  • 60ml Pineapple milk

Small martini glass

Black Barrel Almond Candy floss garnish (placed on top of glassware)

Recipe: 1 spoon activated charcoal, 1 kilogram granulated sugar, 350 ml Mount Gay Black Barrel. 10ml Almond oil. dehydrated

(For one serve use 20 grams of dehydrated sugar mixture in a candy floss machine)

All presented over flat soil