More Tiers – Reopening (or not) Rules For December 2nd In England

The new tier restrictions have been confirmed by the government for the end of Lockdown 2 at the start of December.

So here we are again, looking at the latest government coronavirus regulations and wondering why the hospitality industry has been vehemently attacked by those who continue to insult the nation by referring to themselves as ‘in charge’.

How someone who is having to self-isolate (again) after having a meeting with several people from across the country and failing to socially distance at 2m let alone wear a fucking mask thinks he has any moral authority to shut down an industry that has bent over backwards to protect the nation is pissing well beyond me.

But there he was, the flaccid sack of hollow bones engulfed in a halo of lies and hate, on our screens announcing how he is going to ‘save Christmas’. In essence he announced he was going to save the turtles by killing the dolphins and still expects to get knighted.

As of December 2nd there will be new rules for the three tier system in England which are:

Tier 1 – Hospitality can open with new closing time of 11pm.
Tier 2 – Alcohol can only be sold in hospitality only when served with a major meal.
Tier 3 – All hospitality shut apart from delivery and takeaway.

The new opening times for hospitality has been confirmed as 11pm but no alcohol can be served after 10pm. However gyms, leisure centres and shops can reopen from next Wednesday and outdoor sports allowed – sure that makes sense. Oh and people can go and watch the football in tiers 1 and 2.

In one of the most remarkably misguided moves since my attempt at the splits on NYE 2016 the Prime Moron thinks that allowing an extra hour drinking up time is going to help and appease the hospitality industry. Presumably at his local pub they charge him for the amount of time he is in the building rather than for the drinks he buys (to be fair he is exactly the type of human stain that sits on a table for 6 for 3 hours on a Saturday evening nursing a small diet coke).

So now customers will be able to insist they are legally allowed to sit around and natter until 11pm whilst not being able to order a drink. Sure you might be able to sell an extra drink in at 9:55pm but you’re going to have to pay your staff for an extra hours work so the GP on those drinks is going to be fucked.

How they have worked out that this is a good decision for either hospitality or for fighting coronavirus is beyo…… ahhh who am I kidding we all know they haven’t worked anything out. They truly think that the public is so stupid they can do what they want, they got the Brexit vote after all.

As for which Tier you will be in, well you’ll have to wait for Thursday (at the earliest) for that announcement so they have the ‘latest data’. So you can’t plan, you can’t prepare. All they’ve managed to do is scare and depress people and do what every expert will tell you is the worst thing to do when people are stressed and anxious, cause uncertainty and worry.