Meister Hunter 2023 Regional Heats and Competitors Announced

Forty One bartenders will take part in four regional heats next month

Jägermeister’s Meister Hunter continues to get bigger and better, this year the comp received a huge amount of really top class entries and it’s taken the team a long time to go through and paper-judge the field.

However, that task is now complete. The competitors have been selected and venues booked, so the 2023 Meister Hunter regional heats are poised to kick off. Starting in the first week of September, BarLifeUK can’t wait to see these bartenders in action and taste their drinks.

Huge thanks go to everyone who took the time to create and submit an entry, we really appreciate your efforts. And congratulations to the regional competitors, we’ll be seeing you very soon…

The heats and competitors

London: September 4th, Alma 

  • Daniel Osborne (B@1) (Reading)
  • Laurie Howells (Alma Bar)
  • James Jackson (Mr Foggs)
  • James Wright (11&Social) (Norwhich)
  • Lina Otremba (Milk) (Reading)
  • Jack (Rocka)
  • Anna Gaglione (Racketeer)
  • Simone Crepaldi (Calloo)
  • Alice Mae Ford (Eve Bar)
  • Sam Boevey (Murder Inc)
  • Joshua Brown (Nobu)

Glasgow: September 5th,  802 Hutchensons Hall 

  • Tommy Newbold (St’Vincent)
  • Sascha Montague (Bar&Tender)
  • Scott Stevenson (Gaga)
  • David Mongomery (Night Cap)
  • Tom Nightingal (Orchid)
  • Caolan Maxwell (Night Cap)
  • Ruben Goncalves (The Register Club)
  • Sebastian Martin (Moscito)
  • Gavin Sharp (Orchid)
  • Alister Beatty (Tabac)
  • Danny Hadock (Black Grape)
  • Regan Dudley (Hoot)

Manchester: September 11th, Project Halcyon

  • Miley Kendrick (Call Lane social)
  • Cieran Patterson (Smoke Stag)
  • Connor Marvell (Bamboo Door)
  • Abigale Bruce (Verve)
  • Andrew Chung (North Star Piccadilly)
  • Dio Tzorouchof (Sience&Industry)
  • Mike Bower (Burned Milk Hotel)
  • Leon Kelly (B@1)
  • Declan Mcculloch (Call Lane)
  • Daniel Clarke (3 Little World)
  • Adam Taylor

Cardiff: September 12th, Penny Royal 

  • Eve Morley (The Raven)
  • Elizabeth Pearce (Dos Didos)
  • Joshua Chatman (Lab22)
  • Liam Jones (Penny Royal)
  • Alexander Taylor (Penny Royal)
  • Tobi Peters (The Nook)
  • Billy Snipp (Dos Didos)