Maverick Drinks Recruiting a Portfolio Ambassador

Maverick Drinks have a fantastic job opportunity for the right person across their expanding portfolio of products.

Over the last couple of years Maverick Drinks have become one of the fastest growing spirits companies in the UK with a fantastic range of products from Few Spirits and Balcones to St George Spirits and Bitter Bastards.

They show no signs of slowing down their expansion and are looking for someone to join their team to help them with this growth in the form of a Portfolio Ambassador. Details of what they are after and what you can expect if you get the job as well as how to apply are below:

Portfolio Ambassador – Maverick Drinks

Maverick Drinks is a rapidly growing distribution agency representing a large number of exceptional craft and boutique spirits produced both in the UK, and abroad.

We work with major retailers, on-trade wholesalers, independent spirits shops and anyone else who cares about spirits as much as we do. Already, you can find our products on the menus of the world’s leading bars, hotels, and restaurants and we’re only just beginning.

Your role will be curating the growth of the entire portfolio of brands we represent. Each of the brands we represent will be counting on you to live and breathe their products as if they were your own.

You will achieve this by creating and executing engaging events, tastings and sales visits for on and off-trade and end-consumers to raise awareness, and drive sales and listings of our products through our extensive network of wholesalers.

You have a strong and recent background as a brand ambassador for a spirits brand (or brands), and also have an in-depth understanding of both the operations and financial sides of a bar. You have an intuitive understanding of flavour, and will be able to create unique cocktails and exceptional signature serves.

We do many shows for bartenders and consumers every year and you’ll be working closely with our marketing team to develop the concept and deliver the experience. Trainings and tastings will also be a part of your role – it will be up to you to identify the best opportunities for maximising exposure and delivering profitable sales channels for our products.

What you’ll be expected to do:

Education – You’ll need to know our spirits inside and out: how they’re produced, where they’re produced, why they’re produced, and how best to use them. Create unique concepts to educate bars and retailers on the merit of craft spirits and how they deliver a better overall customer experience.

Support – Developing a programme of support for bars that support us. There’s more to it than cash and giveaways.

Advocacy – Believe in craft and put the passion of our producers into everything you do.

Planning – We like a plan. Decide on how you’re going to approach the market, execute your plan, and deliver results. Simple, right?

Reporting – Of course, we also need to know how you’re progressing. We’d like to be able to look at your plan, understand your progress, and help you succeed in what you’re doing. This role enjoys a large degree of autonomy, but with autonomy comes accountability. You will need to deliver regular and detailed progress reports that demonstrate exceptional results.

Relationship Management – Externally we work with an extensive network of on-trade drinks suppliers and you’ll work with their teams to make the partnership successful for us both. Internally, you’ll rely on the support of our marketing, operations, and management team, and it will be crucial that you understand the impact of your work on the organisation as a whole.

Who we’re looking for:

  • You are undeniably charismatic and enthusiastic. You’re a people person and people would say that about you.
  • You are ambassadorial in nature, but commercial in practice.
  • You have a proven track-record as a Brand Ambassador in the UK market, ideally working with a Spirits Brand.
  • You’ve got bags of energy. We’re a small team and we all work hard, but we’re rewarded for it. No room for slouching.
  • You have a commercial understanding of the bar. Maybe you weren’t directly involved in the purchasing, but you need to understand what drives the purchasing decisions behind the bar.
  • You’re an excellent communicator with confidence in your presentation skills.
  • You are highly numerate and literate. Confuse less and fewer just once, and you’re out.


  • You will be responsible for our brands’ presence throughout the UK, although the majority of your time will be spent in London and the surrounding area.
  • Salary £25-£35k, plus bonus, dependent on experience.
  • The role is full-time and will include evening and/or weekend work. We’ll reward you with an ice cold beer and a hearty pat on the back from time to time.

To apply for this position, please email with your CV and a cover letter.