Master of Malt Release ‘Ginvent Calendar’ for Christmas

Sample 24 different gins in the lead-up to Chrimble

As you might imagine, we receive a lot of product press releases here at BarLifeUK.

Most of them are, to be frank, bobbins. However we’ve long been fans of Master of Malt’s Drinks by the Dram service, which as the name suggest, allows you to try many of their spirits in small, affordable measures.

Not only is this great for trying a product before you spend a lot of money on it, we think it’s a brilliant resource for cocktail competitions – want to use some rare and expensive spirit in your next comp, but can’t afford a full bottle? Simply buy a dram from these guys. The little bottles look great too.

As you might expect, the Ginvent calendar has the customary 24 doors, but instead of hiding a crappy piece of dusty chocolate, you will find 3cl drams of gin.

Priced a shade under £80, we think this will make a great Christmas present, and with 24 samples, should provide a good view of the current gin market.

Our only criticism of the Ginvent calendar is that Master of Malt don’t tell you exactly which gins you will find inside, which may dissuade some from pulling the trigger.

You can buy the Ginvent Calendar here.