Mangrove Giving Away Free Mozart Chocolate Bitters

5cl Dash Bottle to the first 30 people to email BarLifeUK

Mozart’s chocolate liqueurs have been getting quite a lot of press recently, with the Dry turning out to be a particular hit with bartenders.

Their chocolate bitters have also been cropping up in more and more cocktail competitions BarLifeUK has attended recently, and so we nabbed a bottle from newly-announced UK distributor, Mangrove, and can indeed report they are very good.

Mozart say about the bitters:

Mozart Chocolate Bitters use barrel aged cocoa macerate as the base for the product. The distinct taste of chocolate is completed by natural aroma extracts from spices such as nutmeg (only natural ingredients are used). The special storage of the concentrate emphasises the intense taste of all ingredients. The alcohol base is a fine sugar cane distillate.

Tasting Notes:

The taste of Mozart Chocolate Bitters develops in the drink. A note of cocoa touches your palate and leaves a subtle but clear hint of finest chocolate.

Get some for free

Mangrove UK have very kindly given us 30 of the 5cl dash bottles to give away on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. All you need to do is email with subject line ‘Mangrove offer’ and your name, bar and postal address.

If you are one of the first 30 to respond, a bottle will wing its way to you shortly (and you will receive our free BarBulletin email).