Make Money From Your Empty Kitchen

If you have a kitchen in your venue that isn’t being used, there is a company that could help you make money from it.

Occupyd (yeah we know, terrible name) is a website that will put your unused kitchen in touch with takeaway and delivery businesses looking to expand in this boom time for them.

Dark Kitchens (watch Gordon ‘fuck you I’m in my massive country house’ Ramsey trademark that name for his next US TV Show) are taking off at the moment, and companies are desperate for kitchens to use in areas they cannot service currently.

Occupyd will allow you to list your available space for free through their site so that companies can search in areas they are looking to expand into.

We haven’t spoken to anyone using this site yet so no idea what sort of money we are talking about, but right now every quid helps right? It came to us through the British Beer & Pub Association who always do their due diligence before recommending to their members so we are happy it’s a decent outfit.

Check it out here at