Los Danzantes & Alipus Mezcal Launched into UK

Mezcal has, finally, begun to get a proper foot hold in the UK bar industry recently and now Amathus have joined in with the launch of the Los Danzantes and Alipus ranges.

The Los Danzantes Mezcals may be reasonably modern in comparison to other brands out there however the processes they use are very traditional in their style. The master distiller, Joel Antonio Juan, uses an old double distillation pot still and using the Espadin variety of Agave (the most popular with Mezcal producers).

In keeping with the traditional methods the agave pinas are slow roasted in a stone fire-pit using mesquite wood before being crushed in a stone mill powered by a horse.

There are two Los Danzantes products in the range a Young White Mezcal using 100% Espadin Agave coming in at 42% abv and a Reposed version also using 100% Espadin Agave and 42% which is aged in French white oak barrels for 11 months.

The Alipus range is produced by variety of different distillers each bringing their own unique style to the Mezcals on offer. All are made in remote villages in Oaxaca’s noted Mezcal region and all are 100% Espadin Agave. The agaves are wood roasted in palenques (conical blow ground ovens) and once again stone milled with the fermentation process taking place with native yeasts in open wooden vats. Another double distillation process is utilised in small wood fired copper pot stills.

First up is the Alipus San Andres White Young Mezcal produced by Don Valente Angel in Xitlapehua, Miahuatlan. This brand uses Espadin Agave grown at around 5,000 feet and fermented in cypress vats producing a Mezcal of 45% abv.

The Alipus San Baltazar Guelavila White Young Mezcal is the handy work of Don Cosme Hernandez and son Cirlio in San Baltazar Guelavila, Tiacolula, Oaxaca. This agave comes from slightly higher up at 5,700 feet and is fermented in pine vats. It clocks in at 43.6% abv.

Finally the Alipus San Juan del Rio White Young Mezcal which is lovingly produced by Don Joel Cruz and sons in San Juan del Rio, Tiacolula, Oaxaca. Dropping down to an altitude of 4,600 this variety is fermented in oak vats and comes in at 42%.

We have yet to try these new Mezcal’s but they certainly sound interesting and we look forward to trying the different varieties of the Alipus range in particular.

For more information in these tap up your local Amathus rep or jump on their website right here.