London Tube Strikes Called Off At Last Minute

The RMT union has announced that strikes which would have wiped out Tube services this week have been suspended

It’s a rare thing to wake up to good news these days, but London’s bar folk and bar patrons have been spared a week of travel trauma as the RMT union have cancelled strikes which would have severely disrupted services until Friday.

This last minute reprieve appears to have come about after an intervention by London Mayor Sadiq Khan which has, temporarily at least, broken a deadlock in pay negotiations between the RMT Union and Transport For London (TFL). According to the BBC, an extra £30M in funds has been found, which may allow TFL to reverse its ‘the last offer is final’ position in pay negotiations, and bring both parties back to the table.

Aside from some minor disruption this morning, cause by the late cancellation of the strike, London Underground services are predicted to run as normal this week.