London & Essex Move To Tier Two On Saturday

From midnight on Friday London & Essex moves up to High Level restrictions.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan (apparently giving his press conference from inside a walk-in freezer) insisted this morning that London had no choice but to move from Tier 1 to Tier 2 to control the increased number of cases of coronavirus.

In essence this means that households will no longer be able to mix indoors (including hospitality) but still able to mix outdoors. So only single households will be able to sit together in your venue.

There is no news yet on any sign of financial support. Under the current extra help plan (which is 2/3rd’s of your wages paid for by the government and up to £3K a month for the business in the form of a grant) only areas in Tier 3 are able to claim. Businesses have to have been forced to close and Tier 2 is not viewed (rightly or wrongly) as forcing businesses to close.

So just to confirm. People can still go to work, jump on public transport, head to the shops, pop into the gym, drop the kids off at school, all without any track & trace or strict social distancing measures but going for a drink in somewhere with track & trace, social distancing, signage and massive cleaning schedules is banned. GO. FUCK. YOUR. SELF.

As always not saying nothing should be done, the country needs help to get on top of the problem. The answer to that problem is not hospitality you self-righteous, ignorant, entitled, pathetic disgraces.

Just a reminder about the three tier levels:

Tier 1: Medium Level – Current national measures i.e. rule of 6 indoors & outdoors and 10pm curfew for hospitality.
Tier 2: High Level – All mixing between different households indoors banned (including inside hospitality venues) but rule of 6 outdoors applies.
Tier 3: Very High Level – Pubs and bars closed. Social mixing is banned indoors and outdoors. Retail, schools and universities to remain open. Local leaders in each area will work with the government to come up with a plan with regards to details.

We will as always keep you updated.